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Residential Contracting
Work hard, cook better: Three layers of light in the kitchen make all that chopping, cooking, and clean up easier. Witness the evolutions in lighting that make entertaining easier, workloads lighter, and dinner time sweeter. Get a home lighting demo today!
Commercial Contracting
Help quests feel welcome by greeting them with entry and path lighting. Light directed downward during the nightime hours helps to increase visibility. Make an instant impact on your commercial property by transforming your outdoor spaces with lights. Contact us for free demo.
Electrical Inspections
Cost drives plenty of renovation decisions, but there's more than just price to consider. Proper illumination can be "high end" yet green and energy efficient. Contact us today for an electrical inspection at no cost to you.
Green Building Projects
For those choosing green electric vehicles as a means of conserving fossil fuels and preserving the environment. Illuminate can provide and install Electric Vehicle Charging Stations for residences, commercial garages, and parking lots.